د ويکيسيند لخوا
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twenty second letter of t he pashto alphabet 1. breath, respiration 2. soul asthma soap vegtables entirely, quite, totally the name of an Afgthan tribe 1. watch 2. hour to keep to guard, to retain, to reserve, to protect, to preserve proteasthmactor, patron asthma protection, custody, guardinoship cleaver, large chopping-knife guardian, keeper, custodian

entertainment, amusement, enjoyment, fun fashion, endornment small shot, pellet coast, sea-shore, beach coastal, littoral, riparian area, field leather make, manufocture, build artificial, not genuine strecture, construction pertaining to building, construction forger, counterfeiter forgery, counterfeit 1. simplicity, easiness, plainness 2 naivetè