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  1. کاريگر N worker labor workman
  2. کارډ N card
  3. کارگاه N loom workshop frame holding canvas for embroidery
  4. کارگري N pertaining to workers labor
  5. کارگه ADJ crow
  6. کارگه ټکۍ N mallow
  7. کارۍ N a kind of basket used for carrying fruits
  8. کارېز N an underground canal subterranean canal
  9. کاز N desire lust
  10. کازموگرافي N cosmography
  11. کازميکي N cosmic
  12. کاسب ADJ tradesman artisan man of skill professional one has a profession
  13. کاسه N deep dish vessel container receptacle tureen plate side-plate serving dish platter bowl aluminum bowl
  14. کاسه پاک N eat at other's table shameless degraded dishonorable forego self respect one who values his stomach more than his honor
  15. کاسيره adj prostitute whore harlot
  16. کاشف ADJ discoverer
  17. کاشي N glazed tile
  18. کاشي کاري N glazing tile work
  19. کاشين N a large earthen trough
  20. کاغذباد N kite
  21. کاغذداني N waste paper basket
  22. کاغذي N of paper paper soft
  23. کاغذي بادام ADJ thin almond brittle thin shell paper-thin shell
  24. کاغذي چغزي brittle thin shell paper-thin shell
  25. کاغزي واغز thin walnut brittle thin shell paper-thin shell
  26. کاف N
  27. کافر N unbeliever pagan infidel atheist infidel one with no religion atheist
  28. کافر گڼنه N blasphemy impious action profanity sacrilege cursing swearing
  29. کافرونه N blasphemy impious action profanity sacrilege cursing swearing
  30. کافور N camphor
  31. کافي ADJ a lot a great deal sufficient too much sufficient enough coffee coffee-house café
  32. کاکانوی N paternal uncle's wife
  33. کاکانې N paternal uncle's wife
  34. کاکړ N an afghan tribe
  35. کاکۍ N term of address for an elderly woman
  36. کاگه ويلني N large aniseed fennel
  37. کالبوت N carcass body skeleton mould
  38. کالرا N cholera
  39. کالکه N boll cotton pod
  40. کالنۍ N year-book yearly annually
  41. کالوري N calorie
  42. کالي N wear attire wearing apparel garb clothes furniture garments article of clothing garb outfit
  43. کاليزه N calendar anniversary birthday
  44. کام N nation people tribe
  45. کام ناکام N wily Nelly
  46. کامچه ADV:
  47. کامره N camera
  48. کامل N perfect complete thorough entire
  49. کاملاً Adj entirely totally completely
  50. کامياب ADV successful
  51. کاميابول Adj cause to succeed
  52. کاميابي V successful achievement
  53. کاميابېدل N succeed to achieve
  54. کانال N canal
  55. کاناډا N Canada
  56. کانتين N cafeteria canteen
  57. کانديد N candidate candidacy
  58. کانديدول V to nominate
  59. کانديدېدل V nominated
  60. کانسروه V conserve (s) preserve's)
  61. کانسرټ N concert
  62. کانسونېنټ N consonant
  63. کانکرېټ N concrete
  64. کانکور N concourse contest
  65. کانه N mishap ill luck misfortune
  66. کاني N mineral pertaining to mine
  67. کانگه Adj vomit puke
  68. کانگې N vomit puke throw out regurgitate disgorge
  69. کانې N paternal uncle's wife
  70. کاهل N lazy idle indolent inactive slothful slack Adj lazy idle indolent not willing to work inert slothful indolent slothful habitually idle inert lethargic
  71. کاهو Adj lettuce
  72. کاونډيتوب N neighborliness
  73. کاوو N lettuce
  74. کاوړه N anger rage outrage furry wrath temper
  75. کاينات N the universe nature beings
  76. کايښت N worry
  77. کاټېرۍ N vessel with spout and a long handle for frying a frying pan a kind of children's game
  78. کاړي واړي N clumsy awkward lazy
  79. کاگل Adj composition of mud and straw applied to walls
  80. کاڼ N kind of oak
  81. کاڼه N foxtail plural of deaf
  82. کب نيول N to fish
  83. کباب V kebab roast meat barbecue
  84. کباب غوښه N roast meet kebab meet meeting cooked on fire
  85. کبابول N roast meat torment
  86. کبابي V kebab maker
  87. کبابېدل N roasted
  88. کبر N egoism egotism vanity conceit self-love self-glorification insolence pride haughtiness
  89. کبر N grave
  90. کبرجن Adj proud dignified honorable self-respecting principled high-minded independent self-sufficient dignified honorable principled conceited vain smug self-satisfied self-important prideful proud arrogant vain proud insolent haughty arrogant presumptuous
  91. کبرکن Adj grave digger
  92. کبل N garden grass high-minded
  93. کبلی N fawn
  94. کپ N bent back because of old age lining of a shoe bite cup
  95. کپچه مار N cobra Asian and African poisonous snake
  96. کپرک N bumpiness
  97. کپرۍ N skull head
  98. کپس N cage
  99. کپسول N capsule
  100. کپن N winding sheet shroud
  101. کپن کښ N grave robber
  102. کپه N tray made of wicker palmful dose of powdered medicine
  103. کپه کول N palm full a doze of powdered medicine putting in mouth at once
  104. کپړه V clothes cloth
  105. کپۍ N shoes
  106. کت N fold
  107. کت کت N utterances for calling chickens
  108. کتاب خانه N library
  109. کتاب خرڅوونکی N book seller
  110. کتاب وروستی علاوه شوې برخه N epilogue added part final section concluding addition addendum
  111. کتابت N clerk ship
  112. کتابچه N note book copy book
  113. کتابخانه N library
  114. کتابدار N Liberian
  115. کتابداري N librarian ship
  116. کتابفروشي N book selling bookshop book store
  117. کتابي N bookish Biblical scriptural authentic
  118. کتار Adj in line in queue line up row line a kind of game queue file rank column tier row line column file tier
  119. کتان N linen flax
  120. کتاني N of flax of linen
  121. کتره Adj a chop (of meat)
  122. کتغ N any kind of cooked food dish hash
  123. کتلاک V catalog (ue)
  124. کتلمه N a kind of sweet meat to visit
  125. کتله N mass
  126. کتنځی N clinic
  127. کته N a strong quilt that is placed on beast of burden's back for carrying loads and also for keeping them warm dried apricot pack-saddle
  128. کتول N fold
  129. کتيبه V frieze with inscription
  130. کتېدل N :
  131. کثافت V dirt refuse garbage filth
  132. کثرت N majority great number superfluity immensity numerousness
  133. کثيرالاضلاع N polygon
  134. کثيف N dirty filthy
  135. کجاوه Adj camel litter pannier
  136. کجک N curl ring let of hair
  137. کجل N collyrium
  138. کجور N kind of corn (maize)
  139. کجوره N date date palm
  140. کچ N measurement dimension size width, breadth, length, height, depth area capacity volume unit of measure (about 42 inches) square
  141. کچالو N potato
  142. کچر N mule half donkey-half ass jackass burro content mass weight
  143. کچکول N cup
  144. کچل N bow-legged
  145. کچنۍ N whore prostitute harlot slut hooker hustler
  146. کچه Narticle little finger or toe base ignoble raw unreal measurement Adj used to drive away goats
  147. کچه غرمه N late morning branch time the time before noon
  148. کچه کيدنه ADV embarrassment humiliation mortification shame discomfiture awkwardness
  149. کچول N broken or crushed utensil measure
  150. کچوله N dogbane
  151. کر N sowing agriculture
  152. کراچي N cart
  153. کرار N slowly quiet slowly quietly
  154. کرار کرار Adj slowly slower slowest with little than usual speed
  155. کرار گرار adv slowly in a slow manner unhurriedly bit by bit leisurely
  156. کراره ADV calm quietness slowness peace
  157. کراره کراري N utter silence quietness stillness tranquility calmness
  158. کرارول N quiet slow down
  159. کراري N stillness calmness silence calm quietness slowness peace
  160. کراسته N felt (thick)
  161. کرامت N generosity greatness miracle wonder marvel
  162. کراهت N aversion loathing repugnance disgust
  163. کرايه N rent fare freight hire
  164. کرايه کښ N freight carrier
  165. کرايي N let out for hire rented hired
  166. کراړ Adj hard thorny bush producing hard wood
  167. کراړه Adj dried curd
  168. کرباس N loosely woven cotton cloth
  169. کرپ N crunch crackle
  170. کرپا N crushing crackling
  171. کرپند N gristly
  172. کرپندوکی Adj gristle cartilage
  173. کرپول N crunch to crackle
  174. کرپی Verb crunching cracking
  175. کرت N one (time) once
  176. کرچ N crack
  177. کرچهار N crunching crackling
  178. کرچول N shatter to crackle
  179. کرچی Verb crunching crackling
  180. کرد N lot plot (of a field)
  181. کردار N act deed attitude manner demeanor outlook perspective disposition
  182. کردي N Kurdish
  183. کرسۍ Adj chair a seat for one person
  184. کرشت adj getting a numbing in the mouth by biting the skin of orange or pomegranate.
  185. کرشنيل N knitting needle
  186. کرغه Adj dry waterless land
  187. کرغښی N jaw bone
  188. کرغېړنېدل Verb become dirty to become soiled to become filthy
  189. کرک N silt quail furrow down nap soft wool (obtained from goats) cashmere
  190. کرکره Adj crown comb crest
  191. کرکلی N sheepskin-hut Aster khan hut Afghan hut made from sheep skin detestable
  192. کرکنکه N windpipe trachea
  193. کرکنډه N a large rock
  194. کرکۍ N the female of quail plows hear
  195. کرل V pulverize mortar sow ice solid (ice) frozen ice bound
  196. کرم N cabbage generosity magnanimity greatness
  197. کرمچ N sneakers tennis shoes canvas
  198. کرميچ Adj sneakers tennis shoes canvas
  199. کرنکه N windpipe trachea
  200. کرنه N sowing agriculture
  201. کرنيل N colonel
  202. کرنگ Adj sowing agriculture ice solid frozen ice bound
  203. کره N spade minute exact pure correct reliable authentic
  204. کره کتنه Nreview considered opinion critique criticism evaluation criticism critique
  205. کرهار N squeak creak
  206. کرهه N aversion repugnance
  207. کرهڼه N agriculture
  208. کروکي N sketch (map)
  209. کرون N crone
  210. کروه Adj a unit of distance (about 3 km)
  211. کروړ N hard solid crore(10 million)
  212. کروړه N black berry black berry bush bramble
  213. کروی N keeper of a field spherical global
  214. کروېږه N hollow stupid
  215. کرياب Adj needy be hard up hardest idle
  216. کريابول Adj disengaged to stop to render needy
  217. کريابي V needfulness
  218. کريابېدل N be disengaged to be stopped to be needy to be hard up
  219. کريچ V sword
  220. کريغې N noise commotion excitement tumult furor uproar
  221. کريکه N cry
  222. کريم N cream paste
  223. کريمينولوجي N criminology
  224. کريډټ N credit
  225. کريږه N cry
  226. کرښ N footfall patter of feet thud or clatter of horse's hoofs
  227. کرښه N linen trace
  228. کرښيل N footstep trace footprint
  229. کرگدن N rhinoceros
  230. کرگس N vulture
  231. کرڼۍ N vessel with spout and a long handle for frying. a frying pan a kind of children' game
  232. کرۍ N weaving instrument all entire whole
  233. کرېز N molt shedding of feathers
  234. کرېټ N crate
  235. کسات N revenge vengeance
  236. کسات اخيستل N avenge to take vengeance
  237. کسب V profession occupation job line of work business pursuit occupation trade craft profession
  238. کسب گر N artisan craftsman handicraftsman master master craftsman skilled worker
  239. کسبه کار N artisan craftsman handicraftsman master master craftsman skilled worker professional worker blacksmith goldsmith carpenter etc
  240. کسبول N attain to acquire
  241. کسبي V professional
  242. کسبگر Adj craftsman (men) professional one has a profession
  243. کسر N fracture fraction deficit detraction depreciation
  244. کسره N a diacritical mark representing(1)
  245. کسري N fractional
  246. کسکر Adj char scorch sear scold singe paddy rice in the husk
  247. کسی V pupil (of the eye)
  248. کش N draught traction
  249. کشاف N reconnoiterer
  250. کشاله N intricate question difficulty
  251. کشپ N tortoise turtle
  252. کشت N (chess) check
  253. کشری Adj the youngest one junior
  254. کشف Adj discovery detection
  255. کشفول N detect to discover
  256. کشکارل V to set (on a dog)
  257. کشکره V magpie
  258. کشکه N the mole Indian women draw on forehead a mole between eyebrows
  259. کشکي N I wish O that
  260. کشمالو Adv basil
  261. کشمالی N basil
  262. کشمش N raisins
  263. کشمکش N fighting war struggling skirmish encounter confrontation
  264. کشميره N cashmere suiting
  265. کشو N tortoise turtle
  266. کشول N pull to drag to draw to stretch
  267. کشړوپ V toothless edentate
  268. کشی Adj an only son
  269. کشېدل N be pulled to be extended to be drawn
  270. کعبه V Kabana
  271. کغ N sound of choking 9as of a hen)
  272. کفاره N atonement repentance penence expiation redemption
  273. کفاره ورکول N expiation atonement penitence penance
  274. کفالت N acting for
  275. کفايت N sufficiency adequacy efficiency
  276. کفر N blasphemy infidelity unfaithfulness
  277. ککوړی N adolescent a young man loaf of bread disc record album disk
  278. ککوی N hoopoe
  279. ککوې N lapwing pewit
  280. ککړ N dirty soiled unclean grimy soiled grubby filthy
  281. ککړول Adj dirty to soil
  282. ککړېدل V be soiled to become dirty
  283. کل V all the whole of the total of the entire of
  284. کل سری Adj bald loss of hair on the head one who has skin disease on his head
  285. کلا Adj castle fort fortress citadel castle fort fortress a house surrounded by high walls
  286. کلابند N besieged
  287. کلابندي Adj siege
  288. کلاسيسيزم N classicism
  289. کلاسيک N classic
  290. کلانکاره N arrogant haughty vain conceited
  291. ککره N skull head
  292. کلالي N pottery
  293. کفيل N one who acts for another in a specific capacity
  294. کلانکاري Adj arrogant vanity conceit haughtiness egoism egotism vanity conceit self-love self-glorification
  295. کلاوه N skein hank clew
  296. کلب N club
  297. کلپ N counterfeit forged fraudulent deceitful rough lock
  298. کلپول Adj to lock
  299. کلپي V fraud deceit cheating trickery forgery falsification embezzlement deception
  300. کلپېدل N Err
  301. کلتور V culture
  302. کلتوري N cultural
  303. کلچ Adj clutch
  304. کلچر N culture
  305. کلچه N cookie cake of soap)
  306. کلخوز N kolkhoz collective farm
  307. کلداره N the monetary unit of India and Pakistan Rupee
  308. کلسيم N calcium
  309. کلک N strong firm hard stiff hard (rock like) solid staunch steadfast rock-like firm rigid unbending stony steely tough tenacious stout resilient stalwart hard rock-like stony rigid stiff unplayable
  310. کلکسيون Adj collection
  311. کلکه غوښتنه N determined request definite insistance
  312. کلکوالی N hardness firmness hard firm rigid stiff unbending
  313. کلکول Adj harden to make firm to solidify
  314. کلکين V window
  315. کلکېدل N become hard to become thick
  316. کلم V pen item cutting slip scion
  317. کلمه N word creed of faith
  318. کلمول N make a cutting of to propagate by slip to trace to draw
  319. کلنگ N pick pickaxe crane hoe pickax tribute money goods or clothes given by a bride's family to the husband's
  320. کلنگي N strong big (especially a cock) a fighting cock
  321. کلنی Adj yearly
  322. کله Adv head when when which time what time
  323. کله پز adv one who cooks and sells sheep's head and trotters
  324. کله کله N sometime now and then
  325. کلوچ Adv crumpled rumpled crushed
  326. کلورين Adj chlorine
  327. کلول N to shave
  328. کلي N total general villages, key (of a lock, or winding of a watch)
  329. کلي اصول Adj theory
  330. کليات N the complete work of
  331. کليچ مزی N two or more strings turned into one strong string thread twine strand line
  332. کليزه N calendar anniversary
  333. کليسا N church
  334. کليشه N cliché stereo type (plate) negative
  335. کلينک N clinic
  336. کليه N axiom principle rule
  337. کليوال N villager rural
  338. کلگوټۍ زلفې Adj kempt hair
  339. کلگی N the top of the head the top of the cap
  340. کلی N village hamlet
  341. کم N few little meager insufficient small particle fragment speck Adj which
  342. کم بخته Adj unlucky gloomy unhappy downcast dejected dispirited glum bad omen not lucky misfortune unfortunate luckless ill-starred
  343. کم خرڅه Adj indigent thrifty economical saving
  344. کم خوني Adj anemia
  345. کم عقل N unintelligent brainless idiotic boneheaded gullible simple credulous unwise green foolish stupid imprudent fatuous brainless
  346. کم عقله Adj simple naïve foolish simple-minded thick-witted obtuse indiscrete ill-advised short- sighted
  347. کم قوته Adj powerless without strength impotent feeble debilitated frail weak feeble debilitated exhausted shaky
  348. کم همته Adj ignominious ignoble insensible impassive vile detestable
  349. کم وخت Adj when? at what time?
  350. کم و زېات Adv somewhat some measure some degree some extent
  351. کمالداره N educated accomplished skillful
  352. کمانۍ Adj spring (automobile)
  353. کمايي N profit gain
  354. کمبره N narrow of little breadth
  355. کمبله Adj carpet
  356. کمبلگی N small blanket small rug small carpet
  357. کمبوت N shortage
  358. کمبود N shortage
  359. کمبوديا N Cambodia
  360. کمپراډور N comprador (e)
  361. کمپنۍ N company
  362. کمپوز N composition (music)
  363. کمپوډر N compounded
  364. کمچه N little (finger)
  365. کمخرڅه N tightwad penny-pincher cheapskate frugal penny-pinching stingy
  366. کمديده سترکې Adj weak eyed short sighted or long sighted entire
  367. کمر Adj precipice cliff crag
  368. کمربند N belt girdle cummerbund sash band waistband
  369. کمرنگه N fade pale dim dull lose luster lose color pale faint-colored
  370. کمره V camera
  371. کمزورتيا N weakness feebleness
  372. کمزوره N weak feeble
  373. کمزوري Adj weakness feebleness
  374. کمزوری N powerless without strength impotent debilitate faint frail weakened enervated weakness feebleness fragility weak feeble lacking strength frail debilitated
  375. کمزورې Adj skinny weak feeble frail debilitated
  376. کمزورې رڼا Adj dimness diffuseness murkiness gloom gloominess faintness
  377. کمزورې سترگې N weak eyed short sighted or long sighted entire
  378. کمسل Adj not genuine of low quality base
  379. کمشان Adj little minute small amount less in quantity
  380. کمک N help assistance aid
  381. کمکينه N childhood
  382. کمکی Adj young small youngster kid juvenile teenager adolescent
  383. کمه روښانتيا N dimness diffuseness murkiness gloom gloominess faintness
  384. کموالی N shortage scantiness insufficiency littleness deficiency
  385. کمول N lesson to decrease to deduct to reduce to diminish
  386. کمون V commune
  387. کمونه N discount abatement reduction rebate remission
  388. کمونيزم N communism
  389. کمونيست N communist
  390. کمونيستي N communistic communist
  391. کمي N quantitative
  392. کميت Adj quantity
  393. کميدنه N getting smaller becoming lesser becoming poorer eating into the profit
  394. کميدي N comedy
  395. کميسيون N commission
  396. کميک N comic funny amusing
  397. کميني Adj humility modesty humbleness lowliness unpretentiousness demureness
  398. کميټه N committee
  399. کمڅټ N vulture bird of prey scavenger carrion eater
  400. کمی N deficiency lacking shortage deficiency inadequacy
  401. د کمې حوصلې خاوند N impatient restless nervous edgy tense irritated
  402. کمېدل Adj be diminished to grow less to become scarce to be deducted
  403. کمېشن V commission agitated
  404. کمېشن کار N commission agent
  405. کناره گير N avoiding evade allude shun keep away from
  406. کناوېز Adj a kind of fine silk cloth
  407. کنايه N metaphor sarcastic remark allusion
  408. کناټی N hip buttock
  409. کنترول N control
  410. کنترولر N controller
  411. کنترولول N to control
  412. کنج V corner
  413. کنجاره N oil-cake from cotton) cotton cake
  414. کنجتي N sesame
  415. کنجرۍ N trollop strumpet
  416. کنجکاو N curious
  417. کنجکاوي Adj curiosity inquisitiveness nosiness questioning prying
  418. کنجوس Adj stingy mean parsimonious miserly penny-pinching tight-fisted
  419. کنجوغه Adj carrier (of a bicycle)
  420. کنجي N key (of a lock, or winding of a watch)
  421. کميسونه N shirts chemises
  422. کميسان N shirts chemises
  423. کميسار N commissar
  424. کنخلې verbal abuse call names insult abuse malign slander abuse
  425. کند N hard sugar lump sugar robe rags tatters (of a dervish)
  426. کنده N stub block log counterfoil pit cavity ditch trench hollow excavation
  427. کندهار N a province of Afghanistan
  428. کندهاری N an inhabitant of Kandahar
  429. کندوڼی N earthen ware piece fragment (earthen ware)
  430. کنسرو N conserve
  431. کنسرټ N concert
  432. کنسکی N stingy
  433. کنفدراسيون Adj confederation
  434. کنفرانس N conference
  435. کنگاش N deliberation counsel advice
  436. کنگس N narcissus
  437. کنه N tick
  438. کنوانسيون N convention
  439. کني کبر N crab
  440. کنيه N surname
  441. کنټرول N control
  442. کنټرولر N controller
  443. کنټرولول N to control
  444. کنځا V bad language abuse calling names
  445. کنځاوې N verbal abuse call names insult abuse malign slander abuse
  446. کنځل V call names to abuse verbal abuse call names insult abuse malign slander abuse
  447. کنځله N sesame
  448. کنځلې غوړ N sesame oil
  449. کنډاس N a person with several of his teeth missing
  450. کنډال N earthen trough (for washing cloth)
  451. کنډر N hole
  452. کنډو N pass gap breach
  453. کنډواله N a ruin
  454. کنډول N earthen trough toothless deep dish bowl vessel container receptacle tureen
  455. کنډولی N an earthen broken pot
  456. کنډوول N to make a gap into
  457. کونړ V a province of Afghanistan
  458. کنگال N rinsed
  459. کنگالول Adj to rinsed
  460. کنگره N congress rim
  461. کنگری N puppy a young dog one less than a year
  462. کنگلېدل N freeze to ice
  463. کنگو V saffron
  464. کهار Adv boy (horse)
  465. کهاله N lazy
  466. کهالي N dillydallying uncertainty laziness idleness indolence
  467. کهتري N inferiority
  468. کهربا N amber jet
  469. کهول N family house-hold dynasty household sub tribe clan people of same genealogy ancestry speaking same language and belief in the same religion
  470. کهښت N worry
  471. کوارچه N basket for carrying fruit
  472. کواره N large basket for carrying fruit
  473. کوازه N scaffolding
  474. کوايت N drill parade
  475. کواټ N Err:
  476. کواټه N talkative garrulous
  477. کوباټ Adj cobalt
  478. کوبۍ N bubble
  479. کوپ N cup stoop one with bent back crouch genuflect
  480. کوپراتيف Adj cooperative
  481. کوپرۍ N skull cranium
  482. کوپه N hollow niche cavity kind of hair cut
  483. کوپون N coupon
  484. کوپړه N copra coconut
  485. کوپړۍ N skull cranium
  486. کوپۍ N ditch pit trench hollow excavation
  487. کوت N armpit hollow in the ground used as a shelter for animals curly fold
  488. کوتان N heron
  489. کوتاه فکر N nearsighted myopic unable to see far amblyopic, weak-eyed purblind short-sighted lacking foresight improvident imprudent ill-advised unthinking
  490. کوتره Adj pigeon dove
  491. کوتری N puppy a young dog one less than a year
  492. کوتک N club
  493. کوتل N to skin pass
  494. کوتنه V trousers
  495. کوتيکی N puppy a young dog one less than a year
  496. کوتړک N making sound with fingers clicking sound with thump and middle finger
  497. کوچلانه N skin for keeping butter
  498. کوچنوټی N diminutive of small or little
  499. کوچنيواله Adj childhood
  500. کوچنيوالی N smallness childhood
  501. کوچنی N small little
  502. کوچنی پرهار Adj small wound diminutive for wound
  503. کوچنی تارکش N little spider diminutive for spider
  504. کوچنی صندوق N small box small chest, caddy or coffer or carton and receptacle
  505. کوچنی لنگ N little towel a small absorbent cloth worn by men a tow let worn to hide men genital area
  506. کوچه N a meal of boiled wheat
  507. کوچه مار N cobra
  508. کوچي N butter nomad nomadic
  509. کوچيانو ژوند Adj nomadic life Afghan Kochis life Arab Bedouins life
  510. کوچيانی N nomadic
  511. کوچی Adj nomad
  512. کوچېدل N move to migrate
  513. کوخکه V insect
  514. کود N fertilizer manure dung animal excrement animal droppings feces
  515. کودتا N coup d' teat
  516. کودری N a piece of broken crockery potsherd fertilizer
  517. کوده N bunch tuft bundle
  518. کودی N great-great grandson potsherd piece of broken crockery
  519. کوتۍ N can small box
  520. کوجرکي N vertebra (spinal)
  521. کوراغ N foot and mouth the disease of foot and mouth animal disease of foot and mouth
  522. کوربچه N cushion a narrow thin mattress a soft pad
  523. کوربل N lament moan groan
  524. کوربنه N hostess
  525. کوربه N hostess
  526. کوربونی N gusset (in trousers) gore
  527. کورپه N kind of hair cut
  528. کورت N dried curd
  529. کورت او غوړي N ghee and quart a dish in which ghee and quart is poured over bread
  530. کورتاژ N abortion termination of pregnancy
  531. کورتوبه N dried black curd
  532. کورتۍ N coat jacket
  533. کورد N plot patch (of land)
  534. کورداري N wife sexual intercourse
  535. کورديپلوماتيک N diplomatic corps
  536. کورس N chorus
  537. کورغ N reserved
  538. کورک N unripe green down nap soft wool (obtained from goats) material made of this
  539. کورکمان N turmeric curcuma
  540. کورکۍ N diminutive of (کور)
  541. کورمانه N home management
  542. کورمک N a person with small eye
  543. کورمن N pheasant
  544. کورمه N gravy stew
  545. کورنځۍ N weakness convalescence
  546. کورنگی N the young of an ass colt foal
  547. کورنی N pertaining to home domesticated
  548. کورنۍ N family dynasty household clan family group lineage lineal group pedigree line
  549. کوره N furnace kiln void cancelled crossed
  550. کوره کول Adj cross out to cancel
  551. کوروالا V married head of the family
  552. کورودانی Adj thanks gratitude
  553. کوريا N Korea
  554. کورټ N absolutely definitely
  555. کورگی Adv diminutive of (کور)
  556. کوری N salt shaker salt-cellar
  557. کورې N word used for driving away dogs .
  558. کورېز Adv shedding of feathers
  559. کوز Adj down low near the ground near the floor
  560. کوزده Adj engagement betrothal matrimony fiancee
  561. کوزه N earthen pitcher jug
  562. کوزول N lower to put down
  563. کوزياڼه V initiation of a bridegroom into the family of the bride
  564. کوزړۍ N small earthen pitcher
  565. کوزېدل N get down to get off
  566. کوژدن V engagement betrothal matrimony fiancee
  567. کوژده N engagement betrothal matrimony fiancee
  568. کوسه N thin-bearded
  569. کوسی Adj great-grandson
  570. کوسۍ N felt cloak
  571. کوسۍ N hoar loose women
  572. کوشش N attempt endeavor venture make an effort effort understanding try crack try attempt strive make an effort
  573. کوششي Adj assiduous hard working active diligent industrious tenacious
  574. کوشېر Adj weld
  575. کوشېرول V to weld
  576. کوشېرېدل V to be welded
  577. کوکاره N cry wail
  578. کوکره N trachoma
  579. کوکری N puppy a young dog one less than a year
  580. کوکرې N plural of trachoma
  581. کوکه N cry wail scream yell shriek shout outcry scream shriek
  582. کوکا کولا N coca cola
  583. کوکو N cooing
  584. کوکو پښ N
  585. کوکول N to stitch
  586. کوکي V spider
  587. کوکۍ N broken piece of glass
  588. کول N pond reservoir shallow water place where water stagnates poison standing on one's head to do auxiliary verb used after a noun or adverb to change it to infinitive ad
  589. کولپ N lock
  590. کولپک N bolt door bolt
  591. کولپول N to lock
  592. کولپېدل V lock to become lock
  593. کولچه V cookie a cake (soap)
  594. کولک N (eye) socket hole in the roof of a house to let the smoke out brow above the forehead
  595. کولکټيو N collective
  596. کولمبيا N Columbia
  597. کولمه N intestine casing gut
  598. کولنډی N bobtailed
  599. کوله N howl
  600. کولۍ N Err:508
  601. کوم وخت PRN when at what time when which time what time
  602. کوما Adv coma
  603. کومبړ N hole
  604. کوم شي ته کتنه N allusion indirectly referring hint suggestion
  605. کومک N help assistance aid
  606. کومکي N auxiliary
  607. کومه Adj cheek
  608. کومول N stork
  609. کوميسيون N committee commission team board working group
  610. کوميک N comic
  611. کوميټه Adj committee commission team board working group
  612. کوناټی N hip buttock
  613. کونج N corner
  614. کونجاړه N oil-cake (from cotton) cotton cake
  615. کونجۍ N key earthen mug birds-cup
  616. کونداغ N swaddling-clothes butter gun-stock
  617. کونده N stub block log counterfoil
  618. کونسترگی N diaper
  619. کونسل N consul
  620. کونسټ N foundation base
  621. کونسټه N foundation base
  622. کونک N the blunt end of an egg
  623. کوني کبر N crab
  624. کونيکبر N crab the fourth month of the solar year
  625. کونځلي N sesame
  626. کونډ N widower
  627. کونډ کپر N blunt dull rounded
  628. کونډاله Adj flower-pot
  629. کونډتوب N widow-hood
  630. کونډتون N widow-hood
  631. کونډلۍ N a kind of thorn
  632. کونډه N widow relative less poor woman destitute female
  633. کونډی N widows shortage clip-eared
  634. کونډېدل Adj to become widowed
  635. کونگری N puppy
  636. کونی N burnt portion of rice sticking to the pan
  637. کوهيان N wells
  638. کوهی N well (water)
  639. کوي مخی N one whose face has been badly marked by smallpox
  640. کوينی Adj burnt portion of rice sticking to the pan
  641. کويه N moth cloth moth (clothes-)moth
  642. کويټ N Kuwait
  643. کويړی کونه N suspension hanging fasten from above dangle
  644. کوټ N mound pile heap stack mass batch kind of alloy arsenal coat overcoat fort stronghold
  645. کوټبند N hanger clothes hanger
  646. کوټبند خړونکی N coat hinder stand
  647. کوټرکی N foal the young of a donkey
  648. کوټل N pound to beat
  649. کوټلی V thoroughly researched well-researched not leaving any stone unturned through
  650. کوټه کونه N stock store stockpile reserve hoard accumulate
  651. کوټی N foal the young of a donkey baby ass
  652. کوټۍ N building mansion
  653. کوڅک N chicken-pox
  654. کوڅی N curls (hair) hair style plats long hair braid (of hair)
  655. کوډ N code
  656. کوډ گر N magician wizard sorcerer necromancer shaman warlock
  657. کوډخه N hut
  658. کوډله N code hut simple dwelling a small living place made from natural material
  659. کوډي N sorcery charm spell
  660. کوډگر N sorcerer
  661. کوډې N witchcraft exorcism magic sorcery witchery spell charm incantation voodoo
  662. کوړاغ N foot and mouth disease barbs
  663. کوړکه N brooding (hen) clucking hen
  664. کوړکوړ N gurgling
  665. کوړم N pond standing water
  666. کوړمن N sickly infirm indisposed
  667. کوړمه N family wooden sandal
  668. کوړنچ N groan (dog)
  669. کوړنچول N to cause to groan
  670. کوړنچی V groan (dog)
  671. کوړنچېدل N to groan
  672. کوړنگ V tall and clumsy
  673. کوړه N heap pile quibbler squabble trouble maker
  674. کوړول V cause to bubble incline hang in an inclining position
  675. کوړوی V basket used as a measure
  676. کوړی N wooden mortar
  677. کوړۍ N bunch of poles heap stack
  678. کوړۍ کوړۍ N in stacks in heaps sinuous meandering
  679. کوړېدل V bubble gurgle incline
  680. کوږ N hyena crooked bent contrary to rules and regulations not observing rules deviating from conventions
  681. کوږ ووږ N twist curl coil roll corkscrew spiral
  682. کوږ والی N lopsided off balance askew asymmetric unbalance
  683. کوږل N to skin
  684. کوږوالی V crookedness
  685. کوښکه N back heel
  686. کوښه N Err:
  687. کوښښ N effort endeavor attempt
  688. کوگل N chest
  689. کوگير N skimmer
  690. کوڼ N deaf
  691. کوڼتوب Adj deafness
  692. کوڼوالی N deafness
  693. کوی N smallpox
  694. کيچړی N a dish made of rice vetch and dried curds
  695. کيسر N cold (horse's, donkey's)
  696. کيسه N story wash cloth glove used for rubbing in baths
  697. کيسه بر N pick-pocket
  698. کيسه بري N pocket-picking
  699. کيسه مال N masseur professional masseur
  700. کيسۍ Adj riddle puzzle
  701. کيش N shoo (used for driving away birds and chickens)
  702. کيشکارل N urge a dog to bite or fight
  703. کيف V enjoyment pleasure
  704. کيفي N qualitative supposed
  705. کيفيت Adj quality condition circumstance
  706. کيکر N common guinea fowl
  707. کيکه N flea
  708. کيله N line
  709. کيلو N Kilogram
  710. کيلومتر N Kilometer
  711. کيلوگرام N Kilogram
  712. کيليدک N sideburns
  713. کليوالي N rural folk pertaining to village
  714. کيندل Adj to dig
  715. کينه N spite hatred malice rancor jealousy feeling of resentment ill will bitterness rancor hold against enviousness jealousy envy covetousness resentment
  716. کينه کښ N spiteful malicious mean disingenuinuousness insincerity mendaciousness
  717. کينه ناک Adj jealous envious resentful covetous grudging
  718. کيوبا N Cuba
  719. کيوبايي N Cuban
  720. کېږدۍ Adj a tent of coarse woolen mate rail
  721. کېښودل N place put locate lay set seat
  722. کټ Adj cot bed deposit stow fix root
  723. کټ کټ N loudly
  724. کټ مټ Adv exactly precisely noticeably markedly striking resemblance like-father like-son remarkably stunningly
  725. کټاره Adv fence
  726. کټبون N matting
  727. کټمل N bed bug chinch
  728. کټميره N dove
  729. کټه N profit gain return realization remuneration financial reward
  730. کټهار N cackling
  731. کټو N clay cooking pot
  732. کټوری N cup frying pan measuring container measuring unit of quantity standard for quantity a container of standard capacity known measured out quantity
  733. کټول N move
  734. کټوه Verb clay cooking pot
  735. کټی N straw of chick peace young one of a buffalo
  736. کڅ N flood-land
  737. کڅه N flood-land
  738. کڅوک N chicken-pox
  739. کڅوړه N bag
  740. کډبه N nomad vagabond
  741. کډن N with the family
  742. کډه N wife moving (from one place to another pit furrow rent rut
  743. کډهل N hole or pit
  744. کډو N pumping gourd squash
  745. کډوال N nomad married
  746. کډۍ N loom
  747. کړاو N difficulty hardship trouble suffering toil suffering anguish excruciation torment tribulation chagrin
  748. کړاونه N difficulties hardship suffering affliction adversity ordeal
  749. کړاوه N wooden sandal
  750. کړايي N frying pan
  751. کړپ N snap click
  752. کړپ کړوپ N clank-clink to make a sharp sound
  753. کړپا N snap click
  754. کړپندوکی N gristle cartilage
  755. کړپهار N snapping clicking
  756. کړپول N click to snap to crunch
  757. کړپی V snapping clicking
  758. کړپېدل N click to snap
  759. کړت V utterance evocable
  760. کړتن N talkative chatterer gas-bag tattler idle talker
  761. کړته Adj twiddle jabber idle talk
  762. کړچ N screech squeak
  763. کړچهار N gritting clicking squeaking
  764. کړچول N grit to gnash to click to squeak
  765. کړچی V gritting clicking squeaking
  766. کړچېدل N grit
  767. کړس N tumult uproar commotion hullabaloo din bedlam pandemonium screech squeak
  768. کړسند N breakable fragile brittle
  769. کړشوپ Adj toothless one who has no teeth one who has lost his teeth
  770. کړک Adj reed thin fragile frail large container or bin made of reed
  771. کړکه N brooding (hen)
  772. کړکی N reed thin fragile frail cry of the partridge
  773. کړکېچ N obstinacy complexity difficulty
  774. کړکېچن N complex difficult tangled intricate knotty
  775. کړل Adj do
  776. کړم V lake pond sad stung (by a scorpion) cut off
  777. کړمن N grieving sorrowful distressed anguished
  778. کړمنېزن Adj snotty slobbery
  779. کړمڅی Adj breeching breech band
  780. کړمېزی N snot saliva slaver slobber dribble
  781. کړند N uneasy disturbed troubled annoyed
  782. کړنده Adj placenta
  783. کړنلاره N procedure policy direction
  784. کړنگ N clank clang cling icebound solid large smooth boulder a high smooth rock that one can't climb
  785. کړنگهار Adj clanging
  786. کړنگول N to clang
  787. کړنگی V clanging
  788. کړنگېدل N clang to cling
  789. کړه N character moral constitution behavior deeds manners link ring bracelet
  790. کړه وړه N manners character deeds looks
  791. کړوبی N juice
  792. کړوپ Adj stoop one with bent back crouch genuflect humpbacked dented indented bent back because of old age
  793. کړوپوالی Adj dented ness humpbacked ness
  794. کړوپول N dent
  795. کړوپېدل V be dented to be humpbacked
  796. کړوسی V great-grandson
  797. کړوسۍ N great-granddaughter
  798. کړول Adj tease to torment to broil to barbecue to bother to tease taunt ridicule mock make fun off distress to bother give trouble annoy pester to irritate to vex peeve provoke anger irk
  799. کړولی V to cause to squeal to cause to cry to make shout to cry out
  800. کړومبې N dilute butter milk
  801. کړونه N pestering bother annoying tormenting troubling
  802. کړيسي N pod (s)
  803. کړيکه N scream cry
  804. کړگابه N a duck-like bird (with black spots on it breast)
  805. کړۍ N link ring handcuffs
  806. کړېدل N troubled suffer burn affected with smarting grief to be afflicted
  807. کړېزن V sick or diseased animal
  808. کړېڅۍ Adj ladle frying pan
  809. کږل N consider as a bad omen
  810. کږلېچ V bend twist
  811. کږلېچی N bend a person with a crooked arm
  812. کږنه N considering as a bad omen
  813. کږه N hyena (fem)
  814. کږوالی N crookedness
  815. کږول N bend to twist
  816. کږېدل V bend to become curved or crooked
  817. کښ N rustling sound rustle trace track vestige trace
  818. کښت N cultivation plantation crop sown field
  819. کښتنی N lower
  820. کښته Adv dried apricot down below slope dried up apricot dry apricot apricot that is stoned and dried
  821. کښتيوان N boatman sailor
  822. کښتگر N farmer cultivator
  823. کښتۍ N boat ship canoe
  824. کښکر N very dry
  825. کښکری Adj small piece (of soap) pit
  826. کښکی N rustling sound
  827. کښکېلۍ N spout
  828. کښل V root out annihilate to eradicate draw to pull to write
  829. کښندی V ice-skating
  830. کښی N man in charge of watering fields farms
  831. کښې N PREP in inside in into within
  832. کښې ايستل Adv involve to entrap to entangle
  833. کښېکښل V press to compress to squeeze to push to massage
  834. کښېنستل V sit
  835. کښېنول V set to arrest to wake to plant to land (airplane)
  836. کښېوتل V be involved to be entrapped to be ensnared to fall into to enter
  837. کښېيستل V involve to entrap to entangle
  838. کښېښوول V put to place
  839. کڼاوه V clog wooden sandals
  840. کڼتيا N deafness
  841. کڼه ورغه N kind of crow
  842. کڼول N deafen
  843. کڼی V wrap spider's web big dipper
  844. کڼېدل N to be deaf
  845. کې V in inside
  846. کېبل Adv cable
  847. کېت N faith
  848. کېج N hard
  849. کېدل Adj become hard to happen to occur
  850. کېزه V land ready for plugging (tillage)
  851. کېس N honor dignity
  852. کېش N shawl
  853. کېک N cake
  854. کېله N banana
  855. کېميا N chemistry
  856. کېمياپوه N chemist
  857. کېمياوی N chemical
  858. کېڅ Adj grave
  859. کېڅۍ N money-purse
  860. کېړه N mat made of tamarisk
  861. کېړۍ N sandals mat made of tamarisk
  862. گاوميښ N male buffalo
  863. گرم خانه N room room that is heated from under the floor
  864. گنده بغل N disease stinking armpit REF!
  865. گوره خره N onager wild ass
  866. گيډه ور N pot-belly greedy
  867. گړنگهار Adj clattering jingles