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  1. گمراي N misled astray erring amiss off the right track
  2. گمرکي محصول N tax excise duty levy tariff custom toll
  3. گمزوری N weak feeble frail debilitated lacking strength weakened
  4. گمسير N hot region high temperature uncomfortably warm steaming scalding blistering
  5. گمکي adj pertaining or payable to the customs
  6. گمنام N unknown obscure
  7. گناه Adj blame guilt onus fault liability culpability
  8. گناه کار Adj sin fault
  9. گناهکار N sinful unholy immoral iniquitous villainous depraved
  10. گنج Adj sinner sinful
  11. گنجايش treasure market place
  12. گنجی N capacity room bald loss of hair on the head one who has skin disease on his head
  13. گنجۍ N bald
  14. گنچه adj woolen jacket
  15. گندنه N leek
  16. گنده N tatters rags decayed stale rotten fetid rotten decomposing decaying putrid rancid decompose decay rot putrefy disintegrate become rancid being off bad smell decompose rot putrefy
  17. گندگۍ ډنډ Adj festering pool pool of foul water pool of smelly water
  18. گنس V dizzy
  19. گنسول N dizzy to make dizzy
  20. گنسېدل Adj become dizzy
  21. گنځپه V flying- fax
  22. گنځه V ring- finger
  23. گنډ N embroidered front piece of a shirt or dress
  24. گنډکپ N pick pocket
  25. گنډل N sew to mend to make
  26. گنډه N trousers' string trousers' string the string that holds loose trousers putting a knot placing something a handkerchief and tying it knot tie loop bond join bind
  27. گنډونکی N tailor
  28. گنډياره N rye
  29. گنډېر N oleander poison
  30. گنگس N dizzy
  31. گنگو N saffron
  32. گنگوسی Adj rumor
  33. گنگوړه N stammering
  34. گنگړی Adj icicle little ball hawk bell icicles
  35. گنی N sugar -can
  36. گنې N July can could possibly will may will may perhaps
  37. گهيځ N morning
  38. گوگړ N old aged weak worn out
  39. گواتل N wound to injure
  40. گواتيمالا Adj Guatemala
  41. گواکي V as if as though it seems that
  42. گوال N slope
  43. گواټی Adj owl
  44. گواښ N threaten promise to harm promise to injure mediation separation of two persons fighting telling off getting angry losing temper anger rage outrage furry wrath temper
  45. گواښل N mediate
  46. گواښگر N mediator
  47. گوبلکه V mushroom
  48. گوپي N cauliflower
  49. گوپ N Venus hump
  50. گوتکۍ N ring
  51. گوتمه N thimble
  52. گوته N finger toe ring
  53. گوته نيونه N allusion indirectly referring hint suggestion
  54. گوجر N name of a nomadic tribe grazer
  55. گوجرکی N vertebra
  56. گوجک N unleavened (dough)
  57. گوجړ N cowherd a person who tends to cows
  58. گوجی Adj shell cowry conch
  59. گودانه N Err:508 sack knapsack
  60. گودر N ford a place on the bank of a river or stream at which water is taken
  61. گوده N basement
  62. گودړ N rag tatter
  63. گودړۍ N waded cloth tatter
  64. گور N grave burial place burial place mausoleum vault tomb crept
  65. گواټی N owl
  66. گورگوټي N twine intertwine entwine wrap up curl up roll up
  67. گوربت N eagle
  68. گورجه V red
  69. گورکښ N grave robber grave digger
  70. گورم Adj herd
  71. گورنډه N hut shack
  72. گوره N beware! behold! Ghurkha Englishman
  73. گوره خر N zebra
  74. گورهار V thundering roaring droning
  75. گوروان N herdsman
  76. گوريلا N gorilla
  77. گوريلايي N guerilla partisan
  78. گوری N filings
  79. گوری موری Adj suddenly presently
  80. گوزاره Adv to make do (with what is possible) to put up (with something) means of livelihood manners treatment
  81. گوزارول N throw to toss
  82. گوزن N reindeer elk
  83. گوزنډ V paralysis
  84. گوزنډو N dung beetle
  85. گوزه N reindeer elk
  86. گوزڼ N paralysis
  87. گوس منگور N cobra ٍAsian and African poisonous snake
  88. گوسه N mild complaint rock boulder
  89. گوسړه N blow with the fist
  90. گوسڼه N kind of snack blow with the fist
  91. گوشکه N receiver, of a telephone
  92. گول N goal flower
  93. گوله N morsel a mouthful
  94. گولول N raise a disturbance divulge
  95. گولی پنج N crab
  96. گولۍ N shell bullet ball shot tablet lozenge wafer torch bolus pill tablet
  97. گومارل N appoint to assign to compel
  98. گومان N belief opinion supposition assumption suspicion distrust mistrust jealous apprehension
  99. [[ گومانډ(و) a kind of mushroom
  100. گومبته N dome cupola vault
  101. گومبزه N dome cupola vault
  102. گومبوری N check
  103. گومبۍ N dome cupola vault
  104. گومنځ N comb
  105. گون N several times as much as many
  106. گونجلک N wrinkled shrunk contorted
  107. گونجنی Suf. a place for keeping pots
  108. گونجه Adj wrinkle
  109. گونجې گونجې N wrinkled
  110. گونده N large sack sturdy hardy experienced
  111. گوندي N pertaining to party partisan
  112. گونديمار Adj factionalist
  113. گوندی Adj sack maybe perhaps mayhap
  114. گوندې Adv can, could possibly will may will may perhaps
  115. گونيا N set- square square goniometry
  116. گونټه N chessman spool
  117. گونځې گونځې N crease wrinkle crinkle rumble
  118. گونډه N kneeling
  119. گونډه وهل N to kneel
  120. گونډی N sheaf of wheat that has partially been threshed
  121. گونگ N dumb mute aphasiac incapable of speech
  122. گونگه روزه Adj silence
  123. گونگورکی Adj bunch of grapes
  124. گونگوری N bunch of graphes,dates,etc
  125. گونگټ N dung beetle
  126. گونگټی N lady bug
  127. گونگی N dumb mute bunch( of graphes,dates,etc)
  128. گونگۍ Adj owl
  129. گونی N gunny (sack)
  130. گونۍ N sack knapsack haversack
  131. گوهار N herd of cows
  132. گوهر N gem jewel pearl
  133. گويا N perhaps it seems (that) as if
  134. گويه N wrinkle
  135. گويې Adv ill- speaking
  136. گوټ N pile up stack heap up amass mound boot corner angle sip drought gulp spool chessman
  137. گوټک N chessman spool
  138. گوټلۍ N nipple the rubber cap on a nursing bottle
  139. گوټيز N angular
  140. گوټی N board suffix indicating diminutive size or status
  141. گوټۍ N set- square
  142. گوڅی N kind of edible mushroom
  143. گوډ N lame
  144. گوډاگی N doll puppet
  145. گوډوالی Adj lameness
  146. گوډول N disable to cause to become lame to cripple to stop or interrupt
  147. گوډي N dole a dressed up wooden dole with a thread attached to her head and waist, for making it dance. figurine puppet marionette golliwog
  148. گوډيارۍ V small water- skin
  149. گوډی N leathern pouch small weeding sickle bag (made from skin) animal skin turned into a bag
  150. گوډی چرگ N hoopoe old world bird with crest
  151. گوډېدل N become lame stopped or interrupted
  152. گوړ N bubbling sound bubble
  153. گوړه V brown sugar molasses
  154. گوړۍ N sap syrup ball of thread
  155. گوږ N bend warp buckle
  156. گوږوی N ox
  157. گوښه adj secluded place corner privacy
  158. گوښه کول N take aside to put aside to discharge to fire
  159. گوښه کېدل N get aside to retire to a secluded place to withdraw from society
  160. گوښيدنه V detachment separation disjunction disunion disconnection severance
  161. گوښی V alone separate secluded singular solitary unique
  162. گوښی گوښی Adj separately discretely singly independently individually
  163. گوگ Adj hollow
  164. [[ گوگل adv chest breast
  165. گوگن Adj hollow
  166. گوگړ Adj wild lily (iris) matches matchbox sulphur (tip of matches)
  167. گوگړه N fried peas
  168. گوگړو کوتي N matches matchbox
  169. گوڼی N aphid
  170. گوڼۍ N gunny (sack)
  171. گيانا N Guinea
  172. گيت وهل N take one's leave unnoticed and hurriedly
  173. گيتار N guitar
  174. [[ گيچ Ngiddy absent-minded stupefied bewildered puzzled piece of broken china
  175. گيچه Adj refuse rubbish dross
  176. گيدړ N fox
  177. گير N entangled trapped blocked arrested caught
  178. گيرل N vomit
  179. گيره Adj vise (ce) clip
  180. گيرول V catch
  181. گيس N gas lantern
  182. گيلاس V glass (drinking)
  183. گيلم N rug Gilem
  184. گيله N mild complaint
  185. گيله من N complainant complaining
  186. گيله گی N calf
  187. گيند Adj ball
  188. گينده N (long) stitch
  189. گينگړی N hawk bell little bell
  190. گېډبند N leather-belt that holds the saddle on horseback the belt that hold the load on the back of a beast of burden
  191. گېډه N belly stomach abdomen tummy paunch guts
  192. گېډه ور N greedy ravenous gluttonous voracious insatiable devouring
  193. گېډۍ N bunch bouquet cluster
  194. گيږکه adj magpie
  195. گيڼه N ornament
  196. گټ N black dense cloud
  197. گټل N earn to win to profit
  198. گټندوی N earner winner
  199. [[ گټه N
  200. گاټه N thick condensed
  201. گټه N stone rock profit gain return realization gross profit profit use benefit interest profit money remuneration financial reward earnings
  202. گټور N useful profitable
  203. گټيالی N earner to win to profit
  204. گټۍ Adj pebble
  205. گټېر N bend defile
  206. گڅ N left- handed
  207. گډ N sheep male sheep mixed combined alloyed common
  208. گډا N dance
  209. گډبه N shepherdess
  210. گډلی N corn bread
  211. گډه N ream
  212. گډه امۍ N dance
  213. گډوالی N mixing combination
  214. گډول N mix to combine cause to dance to spine to twirl to rotate
  215. گډوله V bread made of a mixture of several grains
  216. گډون V participation involvement subscription
  217. گډوه N metal pitcher
  218. گډوونی N dancer
  219. گډوډ N unmethodical chaotic missy sloppy mixed intermingled scattered spread distribute threw disperse strewn around pig-stay higgledy-piggledy untidy topsy-turvy in a mess confusedmixed confusion disarranged disordered helter-skelter jumbled disarray muddle disorderly
  220. گډوډول Adj mix to put in disorder to confuse
  221. گډوډي Adj disorder disarray
  222. گډوی V cup flask
  223. گډير N intercourse association
  224. گډينه N shepherdess
  225. گډۍ N ram
  226. گډېدل N dance to turn enter to participate to join to interfere to mix
  227. گډېره V assemblage
  228. گډېله V bread made of a mixture of several grains
  229. گډېوډې N idle talk rumour gossip tittle-tattle unfounded information unconfirmed report
  230. گړ N sound castle fortress)
  231. گړاوو N talkative garrulous
  232. گړب N bang slam
  233. گړبا Adj banging
  234. گړبهار N banging slamming
  235. گړبوزه N slaking shiver tremble
  236. گړبول N bang (door) to slam
  237. گړه بند N large cave (in the mountain)
  238. گړبړ N chaos disorder
  239. گړبېدل V banged to be slammed
  240. گړچه N quarrel dispute
  241. گړد N round flying dust
  242. گړز N bang
  243. گړزهار N banging slamming
  244. گړزو گړوز N continuous canon fires
  245. گړزول N bang to slam
  246. گړنج N rating clanging ringing چا
  247. گړنجانی V bell
  248. گړنجول N rattle to peal to ring to clang
  249. گړنجی N rattling clanging ringing
  250. گړنجېدل V rattle to ring to clang
  251. گړندي کول N speed quickness promptness swiftness expedition rapidity
  252. گړنديتوب V quickness fastness
  253. گړندی N active quick sharp fast brisk accelerated swift fast speedy rapid brisk hasty
  254. گړنگ Adj snot snivel cliff precipice
  255. گړنگن N snotty
  256. گړوب N ruined devastated demolished sound of something falling sound of something falling in the water
  257. گړوبی Adj phylum molasses syrup)
  258. گړول N make to take
  259. گړونجی N stand for water pots
  260. گړونج V stone wall
  261. گړونگه N waterfall cataract
  262. گړيال N clock
  263. گړگوزه N shaking shiver tremble
  264. گړی N moment an hour large clay water- pot
  265. گړۍ والا N watch seller clock seller
  266. گړۍ گر adj watchmaker
  267. گړيج N difficult road
  268. گړوخه N a nursing mother whose breasts have gone dry
  269. گړېدل N talk
  270. گږ N creak screech hairy shaggy
  271. گږهار Adj creaking
  272. گښت N walk
  273. گگ N bestiary
  274. گگر N disheveled
  275. گگړه N skin of animals
  276. گگړوزه Adj shaking trembling
  277. گڼ N dense thick crowded numerous
  278. گڼ خاک N crowd throng multitude horde assemblage congregation
  279. گڼ ويښتان Adj hairy shaggy bushy
  280. گڼل N consider to regard to suppose to count
  281. گڼنه Adj analogy comparison deduction symbolism inference corollary
  282. گڼه N number issue group those who eat from the same dish gathering band assemblage bunch
  283. گڼه گوڼه N get together congregate assemble draw together group assemblage mob multitude congregation horde pack hullabaloo noise racket hubbub din uproar confluence crowdedness crowded crammed jammed jam-packed congested swarming gang accumulation crowd swarm horde hustle bustle commotion flurry hum buzz crowd throng multitude horde assemblage congregation
  284. گڼوالی N denseness thickness
  285. گڼي وڼي N close together thick trees growth
  286. گڼيه N mortgage
  287. گی N suffix meaning small as in (گورگی)
  288. گېبۍ N loose trousers
  289. گېدو Suf. an old fox
  290. گېدی N foolish stupid ass
  291. گېر N gear
  292. گېرچاپېر Adj round about all round
  293. گېرگيره N ground crushed
  294. گېلن Adv gallon
  295. گېلول Adj roll
  296. گېلېدل N roll
  297. گېنټه V hour
  298. گېنټۍ V mattock
  299. گېټکۍ N pebble used as a stopper in the bowl of a hookah
  300. گېټۍ N hank pebble used as a stopper in the bowl of a hookah
  301. گېډبنگ N gluttonous
  302. گېډه N stomach belly
  303. گېډه ور Adj potbellied gluttonous
  304. گېډو N gluttonous
  305. گېډی Adj small load
  306. گېډۍ Adj bunch bouquet